Reflective type

 ▶ Reflective type
 ▶ Retro-reflective
 ▶ High resolution
 ▶ UV emission reflection

Separate type
 ▶ Analog output
 ▶ Digital output
 ▶ Light modulation outoput

Transmissive type
 ▶ Board-in type
 ▶ Connector type
 ▶ Harness type
 ▶ Operation indicator type

Light emitting element
 ▶ Chip type
 ▶ Ceramic typeΦ3
 ▶ Ceramic typeΦ4

Light receiving element
 ▶ Photodiode
 ▶ Phototransistor

LED unit
 ▶ LED Lighting
 ▶ Display LED

Rotary encoder

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